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Japan, Issue 15 “Don’t get me wrong. I love my EC Martins. The craftsmanship and detail are superb. The EC combined features of two of Clapton’s Martins: Clapton has the first and the last of the ECs that were made. He played this guitar at the Royal Albert Hall in

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Depending on who you ask, the guitar was born in any one of the regions in the ancient world, stretching from Greece to Persia. Perhaps it was born in all of them. Some people place older instruments like the lute or oud as early versions of the guitar.

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From the beginning, in , when C F Martin Sr. Consequently we know that it was made between and when serial numbering began. The reason C F Martin Company continued to state that their guitars came from New York is because they retained a distributor they called it a sales agency here, named C. This pine coffin style case, although its lid is loose, has one of the most beautiful and working latches on the front and is held closed and secure with an, um, bungee cord.

Notable is the fact that on the inside of the lid is an original paper C F Martin label see photos online that states the model of the instrument and other Martin information. In those days guitars were smaller; they were usually played in the parlor, on Sundays, after church and before dinner, which in those days was served at mid-day and supper was the small repast taken before retiring in the evening.

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Tweet on Twitter From one perspective, flamenco and heavy metal might seem as far apart as the sun and the moon, but if you think about the hyperbolic emotion involved in both genres, there is a certain spritual connection. Born in East L. Growing up in a guitar-oriented culture, Mr.

40 rows · * Serial numbers were also used. ** C. F. Martin & Co. begins using one set of serial numbers for guitars & mandolins.

Tweet on Twitter Ca. Among the major players in the American market were the many importers and distributors who enriched the guitar landscape with instruments — usually at the lower ends of the market brought in from other countries, primarily from Europe, Asia, and to a lesser extent, Latin America. The analogy with automobiles is obvious. Univox was one of the first brands to make copies, and the brand achieved a fair amount of national visibility and distribution.

Univox was not, as you might guess, just another isolated Japanese import, but was part of a much larger story of its importer, the Merson company. Unfortunately, not many reference materials are available to document in complete detail, but we can hit some of the highlights, and illuminate a number of relationships along the way.

If you have catalogs, ads or pictures of guitars that can help fill in some of the blanks, please let me know Michael Wright, PO Box , Philadelphia, PA Tempo Merson was a distribution organization founded by a man named Bernie Mersky. At some point, Merson was taken over by Ernie Briefel. The Merson Tempo was an auditorium-sized archtop with a glued-in neck, a harrow center-peaked head which looks almost Kay.

The guitar was finished in a shaded mahogany with a pair of widely separated white lines around the edges.

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With their light build, Adirondack Spruce tops, and scalloped brace voicing, I am strongly interested in all models from the classic late s through period. I like to have good sounding examples of the larger OOO and Dreadnought sizes in the postwar tapered brace voicing period of through with Adirondack Spruce tops ending for all models by late and Sitka Spruce tops being used exclusively in The beefier build style starting in progressing up through the mid s produced some really great Dreadnoughts for Bluegrass and other heavier playing styles where volume and clarity are important.

Scattered throughout the s and early s, but most notably in the period Martin used light, but strong Engelmann Spruce tops on some of their guitars. Many dealers currently mistake and misname this lighter colored top wood as Adirondack Spruce.

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See More Back With a history dating back to , Takamine was one of a sea of luthiers catering to the cultural revolution of the ’60s and ’70s The strong, steel-stringed sounds of Takamine acoustic guitars made them sought after by musicians all over the world. After that, they went on to introduce some of the first acoustic-electric guitars in the s. In the years since then, they’ve kept working hard to deliver outstanding instruments, so whether you like an acoustic you can plug in or one that just sounds great on its own, Takamine is more than ready to satisfy.

Any player can find a perfect instrument here, thanks to the wide variety of body styles Takamine acoustic guitars have to offer. If you’re looking for a dreadnought, keep your eyes peeled for “GD” in the model name. If you’re a beginner, you’ll really appreciate how easy and accessible it is, practically inviting you to pick it up and play. And for the more advanced musician, the smooth tone of the TK D preamp system really shines.

Are you interested in a more classical style of guitar? Or, if you’re a professional stage or studio guitarist, you may prefer to skip the “G” instruments altogether and go straight to the Pro Series. The Cool Tube system is one of many firsts and specialties on Takamine’s resume. Not only did they help make steel strings popular and introduce an exceptional preamp, but Takamine acoustic guitars are also loaded with unique touches like an asymmetrical neck profile that more naturally fits the hand, and a head shape that helps the strings stay in tune.

Want to see for yourself the kind of innovation that’s helped Takamine revolutionize the acoustic guitar industry over the past five decades?

Martin guitar documentary: ‘The Ballad of the Dreadnought’

Go to menu top I never heard anything better than a Fender if we’re talking about the big manufacturers. Later on, in the Guitar section, I’ll also talk about Standel and EchoSonic , but they’re produced in such small numbers that it’s fair to say they’ll only have historic interest to the most of us So As long as you get a tube Fender you’ll probably be on the right track, because they all sound pretty good. It doesn’t have to be vintage at all, but they do look pretty cool.

Actually I started out playing a vintage Vox AC 30 and it wasn’t bad at all. The sound was very ‘tube’ and that’s what you’re looking for, but Fender is still the better choice for Rockabilly.

I enjoy researching Martin guitars because everything is so straightforward. Serialization started in and has run consecutively ever since, making dating a breeze. Guitars built since the s have the model name/number stamped inside the body, which makes identification easy as well.

Like many words in our society, this one is oft used, seldom understood. Find an old Ibanez that is a copy of another, more familiar guitar? I have seen guitars go for much more than they are actually worth simply because the purchaser has fallen for the hype or actually didn’t know what constitutes a “lawsuit” model. Here is my attempt to clear up an urban legend, and, in the words of Chuck D. The country was in the post-World War II music boom, and guitars were very popular.

As the store grew Mr. Rosenbloom was having trouble getting product. For example, the waiting list for new Martin guitars was reportedly over three years..

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Guitar Identification A Reference for Dating Guitars Made by Fender 4th Edition [A.R. Duchossoir] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Covering eight more years of models and updated with new photos and industry revelations, this handy book is an indispensable tool for novice and expert collectors to date instruments from the four most popular guitar s:

This guitar has a nice weight at well under 9 lbs: The neck has a comfortable 59 profile: This was used as a reference color guitar over the years, and has never left the Memphis factory since until now. This was a limited release guitar from The new Gibson ES in a Sunset Burst finish is designed with historic hollow-body features at heart. This impressive guitar incorporates modern enhancements like an ABR-1 bridge with titanium saddles, and a hand-wired MTC control assembly paired to our MHS P pickups with hum-canceling capabilities.

The plastic is still on the black pickguard. With an estimated 40 to 50 left-handed instruments built up to the late ‘s, the Duo-Jet is an extremely rare model in factory left-handed, and even more rare when considering it is a lefty Golden Era single-cut Duo-Jet! For a left handed vintage Strat, this is as rare as it gets! This is a factory original Left Handed Fender Strat in the ultra rare custom color finish: The letters are in a style that is typically seen on custom color finishes done by the Fender factory.

This is a Heritage , jazz box similar to an L This one has massive flame on top, bottom, sides, and neck. This is a very hard to get Left Handed Model.

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Next An spruce, maple, ebony, ivory and mother-of-pearl guitar built by C. The artistry and craftsmanship of these early instruments are featured in a new exhibition at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, “Early American Guitars: The Instruments of C. John Sterling Ruth, Courtesy of C. Martin Born in Saxony, Germany, in , Christian Friedrich Martin was the son of a cabinetmaker who also built guitars. In addition to carrying through traditional guitar elements such as the Stauffer headstock , Martin was also an innovator, introducing X-bracing – a key element of the modern American guitar — to the instrument’s design.

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It is quite possible that this set is all original to the guitar, with Martin having used pegs from two different batches, as the size and shape of the buttons are quite similar. Martin with Jerome tuners While Jerome tuners with bone buttons appear on the earliest Martins, these rare large bone rollers appear on only the earliest Jerome tuners. On finer early Martins, Jerome tuners are sometimes also seen with fancier, ornate carved pearl buttons.

It is not known who made these beautiful tuners. Martin ‘s I can’t say who made these unusual tuners that appear on some of the Style These are reminiscent of the shape of a beautiful silver tuner that appeared on the early Style This is another uncommon tuner style that shows ups here on an unusual Martin with pearl buttons. These tuners show that the Waverly tuners replaced the Seidels between and , and were seen on most Martins until

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