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Had a cherry Swedish Mauser from that I traded off and still miss today. Dukke1ine The controlled feeding is really what makes this gun. The receivers will litterally be around forever. The Krags are also great guns… Never handled any of the US made ones though. So you need to use lower pressure ammo for them. Other than that, Krags are great guns. Mystick I have an old GEM98 retooled for. Owned one but finally got bored with it model. What my main and only beef with Mauser of today is — the price of their modern hunting rifles.

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Heavy marble base, the key is probably made by himself about Kent Engineering UK long arm straight key, built from kit.

Financial Analyst Warns of Next Crisis: “Literally, Your ATM Won’t Work”

Manufacture Dates Introduction Eduard Rubin developed the first successful small-caliber copper-jacketed bullets that could withstand velocities higher than were normal in the s. Rubin cartridges with a caliber of 8. The Hebler cartridge, which had a paper-mache core, attained a prodigious velocity but the Rubin pattern proved to be far more accurate.

Showing the key in action here! is a Finnish KBXA keyer with integrated electronics, made by OH1KB Tapio Hirvikoski in Pori. This is rare because it’s white; the standard color is black.

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Calendar Months Most newspaper article events happen anywhere from days, to months, to years before they reach publication. Consequently, most newspaper articles on this timeline are preceded by the date of the newspaper in which they appear. Detailed data source transcription for all news article quotes – this timeline – generally didn’t begin until A stellium represents a tremendous ending and new beginning, a concurrence of three or more cycles.

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Bayonets of Switzerland

I just joined up here because I picked up a SchmidtRubin K31 from a gun show this past weekend and I have a question about the rifle scope mount that is. The other K31 I will leave with the standard iron sights. Swiss K31 serial numbers and year of manufacture list. Here is a list of Serial numbers and dates of manufacture Not.

Capacity – 6 round detachable box magazine Sights – Tangent-leaf sight graduated to m Total Production: While production of the rifle stopped in , Carbine production continued until with some , Carbines being produced. While the rifles provide better accuracy and range, the carbines were lighter and easier to handle. Interestingly enough, while the carbines accuracy was considered adequate for military purposes, it was the member of the various private Swiss shooting clubs that were insisting the more accurate rifle be kept in service.

In , first attempt at combining the positive qualities of the rifle and carbine was made by fitting a K11 with a heavy barrel. However, the gains in accuracy were outweighed by the added cost of the weapon. The decision was made in April that a new design for the carbine. The following requirements were set for the new weapon The new weapon should not be significantly longer than the Carbine. The new weapon should have a straight-pull action The new weapon should be more accurate than the Carbine, and as accurate as the Rifle The new weapon should be cheaper to produce than the series.

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OA 31cm, Bl 17cm. The two most prolific production periods being and These Australian rifles are WW2 dated and bear full Australian markings on the metal parts and wooden stocks, most especially the butt markings. An important addition to complete your Enfield collection.


K31 Serial numbers and dates



Identification of Bayonets



The Mauser 98: The Perfect Rifle



Swiss K31 Range 2

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