It was the first permanent IBM installation in the world to do scientific work Comrie’s Greenwich setup had not been permanent. In late , Eckert presented a paper on this work to the American Astronomical Society. A seemingly mundane but significant aspect of this work was the new ability to feed the result of one computation into the next and print the results of these calculations directly, thus eliminating the transcription errors that were common in astronomical and lunar tables [ 17 ]. To illustrate with a quote from Kay Antonelli, University of Pennsylvania, referring to her wartime work [ 34 ], “We did have desk calculators at that time, mechanical and driven with electric motors, that could do simple arithmetic. You’d do a multiplication and when the answer appeared, you had to write it down to reenter it into the machine to do the next calculation. We were preparing a firing table for each gun, with maybe 1, simple trajectories. To hand-compute just one of these trajectories took 30 or 40 hours of sitting at a desk with paper and a calculator. Ben Wood and his Statistical Bureau work with IBM to develop mark-sense technology to improve the efficiency of processing standardized tests [ 9 ]. Wood is remembered at Columbia through the Ben D.

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Named the face of peace and the number one arts festival in the US by USA Today, this is the biggest global gathering of its kind. This year, 25, people from all over the world came, including 2, volunteers, thousands of travelers, shoppers, collectors and, most importantly, folk artists from 53 countries. The market starts with a parade of the artists welcomed by the city of Santa Fe as they gather in the main plaza welcomed by a Cuban live band.

The Weather Channel and provide a national and local weather forecast for cities, as well as weather radar, report and hurricane coverage.

Visit the resting place of historical Taiping figures Source Also known as Masjid Melayu Bandar Taiping, the unique hexagonal structure was originally built in and influenced by Dutch architecture. Not only is it the first mosque in Taiping, it is also the first brick mosque in the town. Many visitors flock to visit the mosque due to its historical and religious purpose. Behind the mosque sits an old cemetery, holding the mausoleum of Muslim scholar Sheikh Makhbuli, as well as other known local historical figures and personalities.

Jalan Kota, Taiping, Perak The boars will arrive during the day when a bell is rung, signaling the arrival of food. Locals often gather for a chance to touch the wild boars, as they believe that a mere touch of their skin will bring good luck for their wealth. Locals often rub ringgit notes or lottery tickets, or opt to stroke the boars for good luck.

The boars are very well-mannered, and for safety — there is a barrier constructed between the boars and the crowds which gather at the temple. The temple is located behind Tesco Taiping. According to legend, He Xiangu lived in the Tang Dynasty. When she was a teenager, she was told in a dream by a divine figure to eat powdered mica. The temple is located in the same compound as the Cantonese Association — tourists will be able to spot the temple by its red pillars.

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Wow, another news-worthy invention! If I had to choose between driving a car or writing a cardboard Bicycle to work and everywhere, the car would lose out each time. Unlike driving a car routinely which can have a negative impact on your heart and lungs, the bicycle even made out of cardboard can help you optimize health and add years to life. This bicycle is made mostly of cardboard and has the potential to reinvent the process of transportation from the world’s most congested cities to the poorest areas of Africa, Said Izhar Gafni, who is an expert in designing automated mass-production lines.

He is an amateur cycling enthusiast who for years wrestle with the idea of making a bicycle from cardboard. During a recent demonstration he cited that after much trial and error, his latest prototype has now proven itself and mass production will begin in a few months.

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The forks are a pleasing weight, and very good quality, they have a lovely feel. The forks are engraved with an interesting family crest, a leopards head with an arrow in its mouth, this is unusually engraved on the back of the forks. We welcome any assistance with identification of the family crest. The spoon has the traditional measuring spoon shape, with circular spherical bowl and long flat handle.

The spoon has an interesting triple rat-tail joining the bowl to the handle. The hallmarks are on the front of the spoon, and are well struck, they could not be better. The detail on the sterling lion passant and London town mark leopards head is fantastic, please see the photographs. The butter spade has a bone handle, the blade is shield shaped as opposed to usual triangular shape, The armorial centre cross with 4 crosses is topped with an engraved lion rampant where the blade joins the handle.

The bone handle is connected with a silver ferrule. The hallmarks are well struck and clear. Butter spades are described by Ian Pickford as “quite rare” Silver Flatware pg , we have not seen another armorial example. The forks are finely decorated with flowers, scrolls and acanthus leaves, on a matted hand engraved textured surface, the central portion have a diamond engraved pattern with grooves, to improve grip.

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Key lime pie popular dessert with recipes About Florida’s culinary heritage “Spaniards were the first [European] people to discover the riches of Florida. Ponce de Leon, Hernando de Soto, and Panfilo de Narvaez explored the Florida peninsula during the first half of the s. They brought seeds for oranges, lemons, and other tropical fruits but were too busy searching for gold to care for them. Consequently, the trees grew wild The first large group of permanent settlers in Florida were not English or American, but Minorcans, Greeks, and Italians.

They were recruited in by an Englishman to immigrate to Florida to grow indigo

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This led to Hollerith’s development of the modern standard punch card and the tabulating machine and sorter that were used to process the (dating from World War II when IBM moved into Pupin). During its residence at Columbia (Newsletters of the early 70s were devoted mainly to JCL hints and tips, announcements of meetings and.

Abstract Direct animal calorimetry, the gold standard method for quantifying animal heat production HP , has been largely supplanted by respirometric indirect calorimetry owing to the relative ease and ready commercial availability of the latter technique. Contemporary obesity and diabetes research relies heavily on metabolically abnormal animals.

Recent credible work in non-standard laboratory animals documents substantial errors in respirometry-based estimates of HP. Accordingly, it seems obvious that new research employing simultaneous direct and indirect calorimetry total calorimetry will be essential to validate respirometric MR phenotyping in existing and future pharmacological and genetic models of obesity and diabetes.

We also detail the use of total calorimetry with simultaneous core temperature assessment as a model for studying homeostatic control in a variety of experimental situations, including acute and chronic drug administration. Finally, we offer some tips on performing direct calorimetry, both singly and in combination with indirect calorimetry and core temperature assessment. This trend reflects, in large part, the exponential growth of obesity and diabetes research Vioque et al.

The most accurate method for quantifying metabolic rate MR , the direct measurement of metabolic heat generation through direct animal calorimetry, currently sees limited use in contemporary physiology and medicine. Indeed, respirometry has become by far the most common method used in research involving energy balance, including research supported by millions of dollars annually spent by the U.

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Next What names would you choose for your kids? Choose one of these guys! Noah Bell- Noah has curly brown hair, hazel eyes, and is very tall and intelligent. He is a bit shy but very caring and going to become a veterinarian! He is not into big city life or material things.

The #5 Review of “Modern Dating Tips” – What great pop! “Beauty Secrets” is a hit single waiting to happen! Catchy as hell, with a great, hooky verse and an equally incredible chorus and a terrific vocal.

The case is rectangular, with a hinged lid, the sliding mechanism is easy to control with the thumb. These have also been described as vesta cases for long vestas, the slide being the matchstrike, we think this attribution is incorrect. Henry Williamson worked between and , so a career cut off by the advent of World War I. Note – we have 2 similar examples of this needhams patent card case. James the Greater, St. James the Less, St. The Apostles are well modeled, with lovely detail, as can be seen from the photographs.

Peter has keys, St. Simon a saw, St Andrew a cross, St. Jude an axe, and St.

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Terence Beesley, 60, was married to the Ugly Betty actress for ten years and the couple have an eight-year-old son, Francis. An ambulance is believed to have arrived at the property in a village near Bath within ten minutes of a call being made but he could not be saved. The actor married Ms Jensen in and is believed to be at home comforting their son.

Collectable antique silver, sterling silver, Georgian silver, antique silver spoons, silver flatware, silver hallmarks, silver antiques, famous makers, useful.

Fitch parsimony optimizations of ancestral geographic regions are shown at the nodes. Multiple regions at a node represent alternative, equally parsimonious optimizations. The tree is the maximum clade credibility tree of a Bayesian analysis of recombination-activating genes for species and 24 calibration priors and with the addition a posteriori of 25 fossil taxa that represent Holarctic distributions for clades now restricted to the tropics.

Distributions at the tips are those of the clades they represent. Schematic representations of global paleogeography at the K-Pg transition, the middle Eocene, and the middle Miocene are shown together with major postulated interregional connections as inferred from paleogeographic evidence and biogeographic analysis. Higher-level taxa are indicated on the right see fig. S2 for species names.

We hypothesize that Neornithes spread from West Gondwana to the rest of the world via two principal routes. This corridor enabled the establishment of a widespread southern biota with a diversity of organisms, including plants 50 , dinosaurs 51 , mammals 52 , and birds Fig. At that time, sea-floor spreading began in the Tasman Basin and south of the Campbell Plateau, severing a direct connection between Zealandia and West Antarctica, thus establishing the Tasman Gateway as the primary corridor for a K-Pg biota to enter Australia and then Zealandia Our results suggest that at least seven to nine major clades involving palaeognaths, Galloanseres, caprimulgiforms, and psittacopasseres parrots and passerines were shared with Australia before its separation from Antarctica table S2.

Rather, biogeographic patterns of deeper avian lineages were likely established by multiple episodes of vicariance within an early Tertiary biota that occupied Australia and emergent portions of Zealandia table S2. The presence in Zealandia of two ancient lineages of flightless palaeognaths kiwis and moas [the flightless Kagu on New Caledonia and its flightless sister group Aptornis on New Zealand], as well as ancient lineages of parrots and passerines, is consistent with this interpretation.

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Total visitation in the four Disney theme parks is more than million guests. After opening, construction was concentrated on new attractions and facilities inside Magic Kingdom. Attendance had passed million visitors. The Disney Decade It was not until the decade of the ’90s, however, that Disney growth became truly phenomenal. Eisner unveiled an ambitious ten-year building plan.

He called it The Disney Decade.

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Song of Songs 8 Commentary These commentary notes are not intended to be in depth or as exhaustive as most of the verse by verse notes on this website see available verse by verse commentaries. The intent instead is to give an overview because there are probably more unusual interpretations of the Song of Solomon than for any other book in the Bible, and it would be easy for a sincere student of the Word to totally avoid this book out of frustration, as so often occurs when studying the book of the Revelation the veritable plethora of prophetic commentaries overwhelming many to exclaim “No one can understand the Revelation!

As discussed below, the reader should be aware that the interpretative approach adopted in these notes is to take the text in its literal, natural, normal meaning and not to seek hidden, “spiritual” or mystical meanings. Such a literal approach does not mean that there are not many practical applications, but only that such applications be based upon an accurate interpretation, lest one suffers the consequences inherent in misapplication of the Word of Truth. In addition to the brief explanatory comments, the notes include the devotional and applicational comments from Today in the Word’s month long series on the Song of Solomon June, It has been said that “Nowhere in Scripture does the unspiritual mind tread upon ground so mysterious and incomprehensible as in this book, while the saintliest men and women of the ages have found it a source of pure and exquisite delight.

Explore the Book Baxter goes on to add “There is no book of Scripture on which more commentaries have been written and more diversities of opinion expressed than this short poem of eight chapters” Ed: I think the Revelation of Jesus Christ is close! We shall be wise, therefore, to avoid adding unprofitably to an already liberally discussed subject. Fortunately, in the process of the long-continued discussion certain broad facts have gradually emerged with increasing clearness, all converging toward the same result; so that we are now in a position to sum up and draw fairly mature conclusions.

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The religious group is unique in that they tend to shun many modern conveniences. From dating and playing with faceless dolls to their everyday routines and belief system, there are numerous extraordinary facets of Amish life. They can use electricity for emergency situations, work or whatever else they deem necessary. Pinterest However, their reason for largely avoiding the modern convenience of electricity may surprise you.

If you have ever seen an Amish man, you probably noticed his long beard but clean-shaven face. The exception to this, though, is men are required to shave their mustaches.

Insight With Beth Ruyak Hosted By Beth Ruyak A daily, in-depth interview program providing context and background to the issues that face our region.

Both were Lithuanian Jews. As an adult he spoke with a New York accent [9] [10] strong enough to be perceived as an affectation or exaggeration [11] [12] —so much so that his friends Wolfgang Pauli and Hans Bethe once commented that Feynman spoke like a “bum”. From his mother, he gained the sense of humor that he had throughout his life. As a child, he had a talent for engineering, maintained an experimental laboratory in his home, and delighted in repairing radios.

When he was in grade school, he created a home burglar alarm system while his parents were out for the day running errands. Though their mother thought women lacked the capacity to understand such things, Richard encouraged Joan’s interest in astronomy, and Joan eventually became an astrophysicist. A high-school-administered IQ test estimated his IQ at —high, but “merely respectable” according to biographer James Gleick.

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