2018 Passover Program at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa in Palm Springs, California


The young man was troubled and came to ask me for rabbinic guidance. He was deeply in love with a woman who was blessed with all the gifts he had always prayed for. She was beautiful, intelligent, sensitive and modest, a woman with whom he could build a Jewish home based on the values of Torah they powerfully shared. She was a giyoret — a convert to Judaism who came to her faith not by birth but by choice, and the sad truth is that some people in the Jewish world today view her status not as a badge of distinction to potential suitors but as a something to be very wary of, a reason to refuse to consider her as a soul mate. What should I do? Do we not remember the story of Ruth, the Moabite convert who chose to join our faith and our people and thereby merited to become the ancestress of King David — and ultimately of Messiah himself?

The everyday things we couldn’t do as jw.

Having read your article and taking it at face value, it really helps me to put some questions concerning an old coworker in perspective. It still boggles me that any woman would ever want to be a part of any group that is so bent on the subjugation of women. Thanks and keep up the great work! Thanks a lot for the kind words.

Growing up as a Jehovah’s Witness (JW) can warp and twist a young person’s mind about many activities, sex in particular. At least that’s how it was for me. Sitting in the Kingdom Hall as a young child, I would hear talks about sex, but they were, for the most part, warnings about what not to.

How to Date an Aries Female Aries is one of the most formidable signs in the zodiac, the female of the species being a more powerful and elusive creature than the male. It takes a lot of skill and nerve to date them. This article is meant to offer non-gender specific dating advice meaning that women and men can both take the same advice from this article. Steps 1 Be friendly, forthright, and light when showing your interest to an Aries female.

Getting serious at the start will make you appear clingy, and there’s no greater turn-off to an Aries woman than a clingy partner. Be lighthearted, make jokes, and above all, treat her platonically until she makes the first move. Aries is a male cardinal sign – ruled by the planet Mars, the symbol of war. You are dealing with a fearless leader.

She is a woman who refuses to play by the usual female rules.

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Jehovah’s Witnesses attend weddings and funerals except under certain circumstances. The Witnesses have nothing against weddings or funerals, but they do have strict religious beliefs that impel them to avoid certain activities and celebrations which, they believe, violate moral principles found in the Bible. Celebrations Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t celebrate some events, including birthdays and Christmas, that they say resemble paganism more than Christian belief.

So some may conclude that the Witnesses are against weddings and funerals. But actually, the Witnesses attend weddings and funerals for essentially the same reasons that others do — to pay respects to and support the family of the deceased, in the case of funerals; and to celebrate a couple’s new life together as husband and wife, in the case of weddings. Past Examples The Witnesses base their reasons for attending weddings and funerals, as they do in other matters, on biblical principles and examples.

Jehovah’s Witness Convert Lou Everett, Jr. Lou Everett was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses for more than 14 years. During that time, he served as a full-time minister .

I was down to judge the Terrier Group, and what a Group. I was really impressed with the quality and a big thank you to the Breed Judges for sending thru’ such strong contenders Moved so soundly around the ring with so much to like about him. Lovely head, best of fronts with well laid shoulders, grand body, harsh coat, short backed dog that went with drive presenting a level top line. He looked a picture and was completely in tune with his handler.

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2018 Passover Program at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa in Palm Springs, California

Former JW tells his story — Part 1 httpv: After all, every organized religion has its rules and most have procedures for excommunicating sinners and non-believers amongst their members. Former JW tells his story — Part 2 httpv: They were disfellowshipped for reading the Bible on their own or asking sincere questions about the teachings of the Watchtower Society.

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They are not considered as JW’s and the society can not officially sanction any of their life style choices. The same goes for disfellowshipped persons or persons who disassociated themselves from the JW’s. So many persons who are raised as a JW, do not consider themselves JW’s although the outside world might perceive them this way and they live with partners whom they choose ‘freely’ of course one has to take into account some pressure from family, peer pressure and pressure from society in general, which limits the free choice of most persons.

In those situations Paul’s advice to the Corinthians apply.

If I was never going to intermarry, why was I seriously dating a non-Jewish, bona fide heartthrob? I was the one who adamantly declared that I would never marry out. Not because my parents were against it; they didn’t need to tell me because my traditional Jewish upbringing and day-school.

Before assuming his position on the faculty of Yeshiva University, Dr. Pelcovitz has published and lectured extensively on a variety of topics related to values education, the psychological impact of trauma and loss, child and adolescent behavior problems, parenting, and the impact of divorce and stress on children. Klein is also an economist who served in the Nixon, Ford, and Carter Administrations and has lectured in mathematics and statistics. Klein is widely regarded as one of the leading Jewish activists in the United States.

His successful campaigns against anti-Israel bias in leading textbooks, travel guides, universities, churches, and the media, as well as his work on Capitol Hill, were the subject of 30 feature stories both here and in Israel. Klein is quoted internationally and has appeared on TV and radio world-wide. Rabbi Grauer also holds a J. Rabbi Grauer has become a sought-after speaker and educator serving as Scholar in Residence in various synagogues and offering guest lectures at conferences, retreats and programs both across North America and in Israel.

For the past thirteen years Sarah has passionately taught women of all ages and levels of Jewish observance, drawing in large crowds with her innovative and personal touch.

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Can JWs go to prom? However, I think it is important for any Christian to make an educated decision when deciding to go to prom or any school dance. Specifically, things like dancing, dating, and after-parties would be worth considering. There are numerous examples of faithful followers of God in the Bible participating in festivals and dancing. However, dancing that is sexually suggestive would not be something a Christian would want to participate in.

Also, dating is something a JW would want to consider when attending a prom.

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JW Farmers are forbidden to grow tobacco. Jehovah’s Witnesses are also forbidden to work at wholesale businesses or retail stores whose main product line are tobacco related products. Since Jehovah’s Witnesses are also forbidden to gamble in any way, shape, or form, Jehovah’s Witnesses are also forbidden to work at casinos, bingo halls, etc. Even operating a separate independent business located inside a casino or bingo hall “evidently” is forbidden.

This editor’s own brother was hounded out of the JWs because of operating the food and drink concession at the local bingo hall located in brother’s hometown. YES, my wuss brother is my exact opposite. The local JW Elders did not bother him while he lived locally, but started hounding him to “disassociate” himself after his relocation. The JW Elders weren’t trying to get him to give up his business, mend his ways, or even return to the Kingdom Hall.

JW Pioneer’s “excuse” was that her non-JW step-son performed all the tobacco labor and supposedly was given all of the tobacco related income. A few years ago, the Watch Tower Society published that some previously forbidden employment activities could be performed by Jehovah’s Witnesses, so long as the forbidden act only constituted an incidental part of the JW Employee’s total job duties, and the performing of such act did not offend the JW Employee’s conscience, nor offend the conscience of any other Jehovah’s Witness who might observe the act.

Although the Watch Tower Society never admitted to such, some observers speculate that the Watch Tower Society’s strict rules on such matters was hurting its’ recruiting efforts with certain peoples who worked in certain job categories. For instance, the Watchtower rules against tobacco and gambling caused many Jehovah’s Witnesses across the U.

Georgeff retired in December after calling his 96, st race. There was no other reason why she chose to terminate her employment with Philip Morris.

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Our friends at the JW Marriott provided us with exclusive information, discounts and a discounted media rate to stay at the resort for the purposes of sharing this information with you. Holiday road trips are one of my favorite ways to make memories with my children. There is just something special when you get in the car to make that 4 to 6 hour drive from Dallas to San Antonio.

Why Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Observe the Lord’s Supper Differently From the Way Other Religions Do? Also called the Last Supper or the Memorial of Christ’s Death, it is the most sacred event for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

A life of meaningless sex, drugs and alcohol is often woven into this picture. As a result, most young Witnesses grow up sequestered in their homes and their congregations, fearful of anything outside those boundaries. If at any point you do have doubts and want to leave, your forced isolation up to that point makes the decision inevitably intimidating and potentially overwhelming because of the prospect of being alone and without a support network to guide you through the process.

I was allowed to make friends with people outside my congregation. I was also lucky that both my parents encouraged me to get a good education — to work hard at school so I could go to university if I wanted. A moment that changed me: More than that, though, it infuriated me the way my most important reason for leaving was brushed aside because it was the most irrefutable:

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Next Dating a Jehovah Witness? I have been dating a jehovah witness man since June. I love him dearly.

Rules. Things Jehovah’s Witnesses Can’t Do. Belong to an organization or club that is not approved by the Watchtower (WBTS), because non believers belong to ‘Satan’s world’.

We were all too busy worrying about fascism in France or war in Korea. But it was a very important blow against the principle of freedom of belief. A more important tenet of their faith is their refusal of military service. This stance led them to be persecuted in almost all the countries that fought the second world war. They were imprisoned in Britain and the US, and persecuted viciously under Hitler: Mormons pledge to stay in Russia despite religious clampdown Read more This is an impressive record of non-violent stubbornness.

It makes them about the most determinedly harmless fundamentalists in the world today. In Russia, though, they have been treated almost as if they were violent fundamentalists since at least Their meeting places, known as Kingdom Halls, have been raided; members have been imprisoned for refusing military service, and the ministry of justice has sued to have them declared an extremist organisation.

The Witnesses blame this on the resurgent power and authority of the Orthodox church which has flourished under Vladimir Putin, and at the same time revived its historical suspicion and, where possible, persecution of Protestant and Catholic churches. The Witnesses, as the Protestant sect that deviates most from the values of the society around it, have been harassed even more than the Baptists. According to Forum 18 , an organisation that monitors religious freedom in Russia and the former Soviet bloc, the only other group to have been pursued in this way is a Sunni sect that may not even exist.

The spread and survival of the Witnesses over the last century shows two central characteristics of religious belief:

141 Jehovah Witness Rules.

Really, what difference does it make? Cults are legal in the U. Steve Hassan, a writer on cults, uses what he calls the BITE model to determine if a religion or other group can be considered a cult or abusive.

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Father — Phil 2: However, they have been deceived by a counterfeit religion that on the surface looks good, but is leading many into spiritual darkness. If they were truly just other sects or denominations of Christianity, why would they send missionaries to the doors of Christians to proselytize them into their religious groups? Why would they be concerned about gaining converts out of Christianity, if they were honestly part of Christianity?

To add emphasis to the Mormon claims concerning Christianity, 1 Nephi Behold there are save two churches only; the one is the church of the Lamb of God, and the other is the church of the devil. According to the Book of Mormon which church is your church? Since Jesus promised to protect His Church, how could the Christian church have apostatized to the point of needing a new religion to be developed in order to restore it to the earth?

But even though we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to that which we have preached to you, let him be accursed.

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